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CNPJ/MF Nº. 45.453.214/0001-51
NIRE 33.3.0026694-1

In compliance with Article 12 of Instruction 358 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (“CVM”) on January 3, 2002 (“CVM Instruction 358”), we hereby announce that we received from the shareholder Vinci Equities Gestora de Recursos Ltda. a letter informing that it currently holds an interest of 5.34% in the capital of Profarma S.A.

Below is the transcript of the letter received from Vinci Equities Gestora de Recursos Ltda.:

VINCI EQUITIES GESTORA DE RECURSOS LTDA., registered in the roll of Corporate Taxpayer's (CNPJ/MF) 10.917.835/0001-64 ("Vinci Equities"), in its capacity as manager of several investment funds (“Funds”) and holder of discretionary powers in relation to its management, hereby informs that the Funds managed thereby cumulatively became holders, after the ratification of the capital increase of the company on the date hereof, of three million, four hundred sixty-two thousand, three hundred ninety-six (3,462,396) common shares issued by PROFARMA DISTRIBUIDORA DE PRODUTOS FARMACÊUTICOS S.A. (“Company”), corresponding to approximately five point three four percent (5.34%) of all common shares issued by the Company.

Vinci Equities declares that the acquisitions do not aim to change the controlling or administrative structure of the Company and that they are consistent with the investment policies described in the regulations of the Funds under its management.

Finally, Vinci Equities declares that none of the Funds holds debentures convertible into Company shares nor is part of any agreement or contract regulating the exercise of voting rights or the purchase and sale of securities issued by the Company.

Therefore, we request that you, in your capacity as Investor Relations Officer of the Company, take the necessary measures to immediately communicate the information herein to CVM and BM&FBOVESPA, pursuant to Article 12 of CVM Instruction 358/2002, as amended.

We remain available to provide any further clarifications deemed necessary at (11) 3572-3700 – Luiz Otávio Laydner.



José Luiz de Araújo Rolim


Rio de Janeiro, June 22, 2016

Maximiliano Guimarães Fischer
Investor Relations Officer


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